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Related post: Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 04:57:09 EST From: Subject: Pure Lights 3 (sf-fantasy)Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction that includes myth, magic, and angels. It contains the relationship between two males. The events are figments of the author's imagination. If you are repulsed by any of the contains of this story please feel free to leave. top 100 lolitas tgp If you are not old enough to be here, please leave immediately.Authors Notes: This is my second story. This is a story of love, mystery and magic. It is not a story to get off on. And yes there will be a lovemaking scene sometime in this story. It may contain some sexual tension between the characters. Please enjoy reading this story. Sorry if there are typos or mistakes, I usually type after I get off work, which means late night. So I usually don't know what I'm doing when I type. I would love to hear your comments of what you think of this story so far. Feel free to email me at or at Lights Chapter 3- An Angel of Pure Light Matthew took a deep breath, as tears started to fill his eyes. "How can I say this lolita ls forum download to you? I'm not also an angel, but I'm durty lolita pic gallery a pure light as well Dean." Matthew finally broke loose. "A what?" Dean said with shock and confusion. "You can call me a pure light angel in a way. It happened a long time ago. I once was just a pure lolita preteen art pics light like you, but I was a soul pure light." Matthew continued to add to his confession. "So you're a pure dorki loli nymphets sex light and a angel mixed? How is that possible?" Dean started to ask him. "I'll open my mind to you and show you the memories of what happened to me long ago." Matthew grabbed Dean's hands and put them on his head. Matthew then closed his eyes, causing a light that flowed into Dean. Dean was inside Matthew's mind. phtc lolitas teen ls It was very cold and snow little black russian lolita covered the lolitas fuck vulvas peludas ground. He saw a woman running somewhere important. She sent a message to Matthew that Dean heard. "Matthew we must hurry, the dark lights are upon us. We must go quickly." The woman said. Dean then looked up at a building and saw Matthew looking out the window. "Yes, I understand Diana. Diana watch out!" Matthew sent out her, but it lolita stories for free was to late. Before she knew it Diana was being ambushed by a group of dark lights. She produced a sword of light. Matthew ran from the window and slipped on the floor. "I have to help her, I don't want to lose her." Matthew got up and opened the door, where he met some more dark lights. Matthew stood ready for them to attack him. Matthew sent a ring of light at the dark lights killing them all. Dean was horrified at what he had seen next. One of the dark lights grabbed the sword away from Diana and struck her in her heart causing light to explode from her heart. Matthew came out of the building and sent another ring of brilliant light killing more of the dark lights. Breathing free lolita nude site hard, Matthew ran towards Diana, lifting her in a sitting position. Diana was having troubles breathing. With a deep raspy breath Diana coughed, letting blood trickle from her mouth. She grabbed a hold of the now crying Matthew hands and looked naked preteen lolitas models at him. "It looks like it is my time to go Matthew. Please don't cry for me. I have done my duty, to train and protect you. It is time that you go on and protect all the pure lights from Chaos." She closed her eyes and looked to the sky. "I Diana, guardian angel of the pure light Matthew Scott, do here by give Matthew my powers of an angel, so that he can protect the world as well as the pure lights." Diana took her last breath and closed her eyes. The clouds above opened up and a light shone over Matthew, who was still crying. Matthew suddenly felt calm, and stopped crying, then looked up no nude prelolita pics to the sky. lolita pictures pthc bbs Two rings of light appeared on the back of his shoulders. The rings then formed wing from light. Matthew looked down to see Diana vanishing into light. The light then shot up to the sky. Matthew stood up and petite model dark loltia looked at the starry sky. "I Matthew Scott here by promise that as an angel will full fill the duties of an angel. Diana thanks for being there for me. When I find my pure light I will promise to protect them with my life as you did for me." Matthew vowed. A hand then touched Matthew on the shoulder. Matthew looked and saw Nathaniel. "Come Matthew, we must leave." Nathaniel's voice rang, and Dean was being pulled back to his body. Matthew still had a hold of Dean's hands. Dean then threw his arms around Matthew's neck, and gave him a hug. Both men were sobbing. Dean whispered in Matthew's ear, "I'm so sorry what happened. I had no idea that this meant so much to little lolitas xxx bbs you." Matthew held Dean tighter. "It's all in the past. I made a promise, and so far I'm keeping up on my promise. I protected you and will always continue to protect you. I'd give my life for you, no matter what the consequences are. I love you Dean, and I really mean it." Matthew spoke softly. For the first time Dean saw the circle of light that glowed from Matthew's heart. Dean felt the warm and tenderness that was coming from with. This ls lolita magazine torrent caused Dean's heart to produces it's light. The two heart's light formed beam to each other's hearts, creating a bond. Both of them could feel how much each cared for one another. "Now we are linked to each other's hearts. We can feel each other boys and pics lolitas and how much we care for each other. This is one of the steps that will lolitas gallery russia 456 happen to be completely bonded." Matthew explained. "It's dark, we'd better get inside." Dean took Matthew by the hand and went inside.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next two months started to go by like a breeze. Matthew and Dean started to understand why Zach was the way he was, and because good friends with Zach and David. Crystal started to respect Matthew more and more when she saw how Dean was happy. She and Matthew started to grow closer to one another, making Dean even happier. Crystal started to hang around Zach often, cause she thought he was a riot to be around. lolita 10 14 top Matthew and Dean's feelings for each other grew more and more. Sometimes they'd sneak nude lolita 16yo models out so they weren't being bothered from their friends. When they would return they got some of the most dirty looks, but soon turned into laughter. Their training became more intense day by day. Sometimes when they weren't training, Dean, Crystal, and Zach would spar together on the beach. They would practice the techniques that were taught to them, and all three became really good at using their powers. hardcore lolita asian porn Their bodies how little lolitas preteen boys ever ached, but that was because their muscles were being toned. Matthew noticed that Dean was getting more japanese imageboard loli bbs muscular in his arms and legs when they would be training. Matthew would be a good view at how well Dean was toned, when they would take a shower. This made it even harder not to think about what he wanted to do to Dean, and made Matthew's dick harder. Their friends knew about their promise that they would take it slow, but they wished that they would just hurry up and just get laid. When Dean was alone or with Crystal and Zach he would tell them how hot Matthew's body was. Zach would check once and awhile to see if Dean was pitching up a tent. This would embarrass the hell out Dean. They all laughed and things went on as usual. Dean had mentioned naked little lolita pussies that his birthday was coming up close here soon. So amongst this friends they were planning a party for Dean. There would be subtle hints lolitas top models youngers of what they were planning, making Dean curious as a kitten. Some how they would find a good excuse and left Dean in the dark. On September 17th, Dean's 25th birthday, Matthew was leading a blind folded Matthew. "What's going on Matt?" Dean started calling him Matt a while back. "Don't worry your pretty head about it, I want to surprise tiny little lolitas galleries you." Matthew lead Dean to a table that had a cake with free lolita sex pictures the candles lit. young lolita slut pics Matthew took the blind fold off around Dean's eyes, and told Dean to keep them shut until he told Dean 12yr old nude lola to open them. "Now you can open them." Matthew said. Dean opened lolita sex news groups his eyes to see a cake and his friends around the cake. This took Dean by total surprise. "Well, just don't stand there, blow out the candles before the cake is covered with wax." Zach remarked. Dean took a deep breath and exhaled, causing the flames to flicker and go out. They all cheered and sang happy birthday to Dean. russian lolita portal elwebbs "I knew you guys were up to something the lolita lolipop bikini xxx day I told you when my birthday was. I should have guessed you were planning something like this." Dean went over and gave Matthew a kiss on shocking pics lolita ilegal the lips. "We know who is going to give you your twenty five spankings tonight." David remarked as the rest started laughing. Dean and Matthew turned red, "How did you know what I was planning on doing later on?" Matthew smiled. Dean looked at Matthew and gave him a dirty look. "We'll see who's getting what on the ass end tonight." Dean sent a message to Matthew, causing them to burst out in laughter. "Dean we all got together and got you a present." Crystal held a gift-wrapped package. "You guys shouldn't have done that." Dean felt honored that his friends thought of him. Dean started to unwrap the wrapping off his gift. He opened a black case to reveal to Dean a necklace, preteen lolitas vombat bbs which had a purple stone amulet on it. Dean's expression was speechless. "You guys shouldn't of." Dean smiled and pulled the necklace out of the case and put it on. "Well birthday boy are you going to cut that cake or loli models cp com is it going to slice itself?" Zach sarcastically remarked. Dean got a grin on and looked at the cake free nude girls lolitas he used a beam of light to cut the cake. All the others where just in awe of what he just did. "Cake anyone?" Dean asked as he held to plates that had a piece of cake lolly preteen torrent download on them. After everyone got a piece of cake Dean handed Matthew a plate. Matthew took a piece off. lolita young pix nn "Say ah." Matthew said. Dean complied and opened his mouth. Then a grin come over Matthews' face and put cake all over his nose. Everyone just looked at what happened and smiled. Matthew with his eyes close from laughing didn't realize Dean got a piece for his cake and smeared it all over his face. Everyone, including Matthew busted out with more laughter. Dean and Matthew helped each other wipe off the cake and frosting from their faces. "Well, hate to break up the party but I'm going to go to bed." Crystal yawned, and gave Matthew and Dean a hug. "That doesn't sound bad either. We have more training in the morning." David chimed in with agreement. Matthew and Dean said good night to everyone and carried the cake inside their cabin. Dean went into the bedroom while Matthew put the cake in the fridge. Matthew then started hearing humming from the bedroom. He wondered over to the door and lolita nudist preteen legal looked in and noticed it was coming from Dean. Dean had sensed Matthew was close and stopped humming and looked towards the door. "Please don't stop on my account. It sounded good. I didn't know that you had a good voice like that." Matthew came and sat down next to Dean. lolitas top model forever Dean smiled, and continued humming. Matthew noticed that Dean had a notebook and a pencil with him. "What are you doing?" Matthew was curious. "Oh, it's nothing much, just a few poems here and there." Dean opened his notebook, "Do you want to hear some?" "Sure, why not. This gets to let me know the creative side of you." Matthew leaned over and looked at the writing in the book. "The world is full of light and warmth, embracing all things. Night comes and the stars light the sky. Even in the night there must be light to give hope for the future. My heart holds a light for hot young lolita teens me to hold, always warm never letting me to be cold. As I embrace the light I see things all too clearly. There is balance in this world, and that balance must be stay equal. The sun must nude lolita 6 yo let the moon watch over the earth, for it has to go to sleep, never straying to far from its keep. I alone stand as a light, brightly glowing with all my might." Dean read. Dean looked over at Matthew. Matthew sat there with a young loloita horny bikini stunned face. "Earth to Matthew! Hello is anybody home?" Dean tried to get Matthew's attention. After snapping back to reality Matthew looked at Dean, "That was amazing. It all came from your heart. It touched me in my heart." Dean looked at Matthew's heart and noticed its glow. Dean put his hand over Matthew's heart embracing the tender glow. Dean's opened his eyes and light had filled them once again. "My dear angel with this link we share together I feel that you still have time to grow, just as I do. With our emotions growing more and more, it must grow stronger. For the time will come when that love will be needed. Let me show you what peril the world is in now." Dean grasped Matthew's hands. They were covered in light and appeared in space looking at the earth. Matthew noticed that there were so many dark spots over the earth, growing second by second. Matthew was devastated by what his eyes were seeing. "How can this be?" Matthew was outraged. "Calm yourself angel for if you are filled with anger of hatred, it will turn your heart cold, and black. For though you are an angel of pure light, your model girls lolita net heart can turn black. This is what worries you is it not?" Dean asked. Matthew looked at Dean surprised that he knew what his fears where. "Does that mean, we are link by our minds then?" Dean nodded his head yes, "There is one more step for us, which will produce a great light that will embrace everything it touches. But, you must overcome your fears for if you don't the world will be covered in darkness." "And I plan to turn that light into child fuck pedo lolita darkness there pure light!" A voice boomed in space. "Chaos!" Matthew lolita paysite free galleries hissed. "That's right angel. Soon, very soon, I'll have complete reign over the entire universe and fill it with darkness." The distorted voice laughed. Suddenly a black sphere appeared out of nowhere and shot right for them. All three lights glowed brighter around Dean. He looked at Matthew holding out his hand. Matthew gave Dean his hand and felt power surging in him. Dean opened his eyes and sent a huge beam of light. The light and the black sphere collided with each other. The little lolita lolita incest beam over powered the sphere, causing the sphere to vanish. "You're strong for a pure light. I'll have to do something about that." Another black sphere appeared and headed right towards Matthew. Dean saw the destination of the sphere and pushed Matthew out of the way, causing Dean to take the full force of young lolita naked pussy the impact. Matthew watched horrified as Dean took the impact. Dean was sent back a couple of feet. Dean was floating there not making a move. Matthew flew over to him, scared of losing Dean. "Dean are you alive." Matthew shook Dean, and then heard Chaos' evil laughter. "For now, I have put him in a deep sleep. He will not interfere with me again. As for you angel, you might as well join him." Chaos' laugher cracked. Matthew gathered all his strength and started glowing. He looked back and disappeared with Dean in his arms. "It is time for the world to be forever blanketed in darkness!" The voice of Chaos echoed. Back on the island Matthew put Dean on the bed. It had become daylight. "I must contact Nathaniel, and tell him what happened." Matthew put covers over Dean, "Dean I'm so sorry. Please hear my voice." Matthew lowered his head and started crying.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In a best underage lolita sites dark subspace dimension, Dean was naked in a curled ball. The only light was of his light coming from his light powers. He heard the cries of Matthew and woke up from his sleep. He looked around and saw nothing but emptiness. "Matthew? Where are you? Where am I?" Dean's voice echoed in the dimension. He heard an evil dark laugh. His expression of where he was turned to anger. For he knew that laugh. "Chaos." Dean hissed. "My pure light you don't forget that easily do you?" The voice asked. "How can I forget a laugh like that? What have you done to me? Where am I?" Dean insisted answers. "You are in another dimension, that you created. I can preteens lolita girls xxx appear in this dimension because it is nothing but darkness and emptiness. Isn't it beautiful? There is not a sound, it's calm and soothing to one's mind." Chaos explained. "A dimension I created?" Dean asked. "Yes. But I can not harm you here, for you are protected by your powers. But for young girls lolitas art now you are no harm to me, since your body is in a deep sleep." Chaos added. "You won't get away with this. One way or another underage vorgin lolas naked I'll get out of here and you'd better be ready when I do." Dean threatened. "Ideal threats don't mean a thing to me pure light. If you do get free, I'll be expecting you. Now I leave you in your dark dimension." Chaos' voice faded away. "Oh Matthew, I'm sorry that I can't help you. Please forgive me. I don't know how do get out gothic lolitas underage gallerys of here. I wish you were here." Dean started to cry and nude erotic tiny lolitas buried his face in between his folded legs. "WHAT!" Crystal blasted out, "What do you mean index of jpeg lolicon we can't do anything to help him?" "Calm down Crystal please, we know this is bad news, but Nathaniel is right. The only that we can do is care and think of Dean." Myra tried calming Crystal down. "I'm sorry Nathaniel. Please forgive me it's just that Dean is my best friend and I'll do anything to protect him. He did free nude loli pics it for me and I want to do the same for him." Crystal said sobbing. "You are forgiven Crystal. Can I please speak to Crystal alone Myra?" Nathaniel asked. Myra nodded and left the room. Nathaniel then sat down next to Crystal and put his arms around her. "I know it must be hard for you, since Dean and you came here together. I feel it in you that you do want to protect him with your life for protecting yours. Don't lose that, it may help Dean come out of this. There are reasons why we have the people in teenage lolita model links our lives. We don't know why but there is a reason. Dean wouldn't want you do to be like this would he?" Nathaniel tried to calm Crystal. "No he wouldn't. He would want me to be strong." Crystal wiped her tears with her hand. "If you believe and keep that light of hope in you, you'll shine like a star." Nathaniel's voice soothed her more. "You're right Nathaniel. I must not lose the people I have. Most importantly, never lose my light." Crystal hugged Nathaniel. "For lolitas little horny angels all we can do, is hope and believe in Dean." free lollitas nude young Nathaniel returned the hug. "I'll do anything to protect him." Crystal said. "Then, you will guard him, until he comes out of whatever spell Chaos put on him. I don't think Matthew will mind at all." Nathaniel got up and left. Myra then walked in and looked at Crystal. "Do you want to go see him?" Myra asked. Crystal looked at Myra and agreed. Matthew lay beside Dean holding his hand. Matthew had been that way for most of the day, and started to doze off. He loli preteen thong pics was awakened by a knock on the door. Matthew got up and yawned. He opened the door and saw Myra and Crystal. "Are we bothering you Matthew?" Crystal asked. "No, not at all. Come in." Matthew invited them in. "I know this must be hard on you Matthew. top sites lolitas nymphets Crystal is taking it as bad." Myra put her hand on Matthew's shoulder. "If he didn't have to push me out of the way, it would be me that's on the bed." Matthew started to cry. Crystal came over to Matthew and put her arms around him. "You know what? Then it would be Dean crying instead of you. He'd be just as worried as you are right now. We need to be strong for him. Our love for him might bring him out of it. It's all up to Dean." Crystal tried to reassure Matthew.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In a dark cavern deep in the Rocky Mountains, the high powered dark lights gathered. "The time has almost come for our lord Chaos to be free from his captive dimension." A male with dark raven hair with a red cloak one said to the council. The table started to clear and a voice came from the table. nasty little lolita girls "My dark lights, littlie young lolitas teens it is time. Give me all your strength and power to finally break this seal that keeps me captive." Chaos ordered. "Lord Chaos, yes as you command." A female with a pale skin complexion obeyed. They all started to chant in unison. Around their bodies top lolita nude art a dark light outlined them. Chaos felt their power surge in his veins. This enabled his body to grow in strength. He then pushed on the bottom side of the table. His dark hand with sharp razor claws came out from the table made out of black glass. He pulled himself out of the seal. He stood on the table showing his full form. His height was about seven feet tall. He had a broad shoulder line, that had spike type objects that came out of the top of his shoulder. He was completely black all over. lolita bbs web sites His eyes shone a bright baby cams lolita preteen green. He really free preteen lola nymphets didn't have any hair, but pointy skin objects that stood right up. Towards his wrist there was more of the curved like spike objects, that curved towards his arm. "Finally, this time I will cover the entire universe with my lovely darkness!" Chaos laughed. A woman wearing a black velvet cloak entered the room. "My gorgeous little girl lolita lord has returned at last to us." The woman spoke. Chaos looked over and saw the woman. "Ah my dear oracle legal asain lolita sexy sorceress. Arikana." His voice had a pleasant tone. Chaos didn't have a mouth so he projected his voice through their minds. The woman uncovered her head from the hood. Her beauty was unremarkable, soft white silky skin, without any signs of wrinkles. Her hair was a dark brown and wavy with curls. "My lord it is good to see you again after so many years." The woman spoke words from her black lips. "So what do you see in the future my dear?" Chaos squinted his eyes at her. "My lord the world is covered in complete darkness. lolita preteen black models But a pure light will try and stop you in your conquest." The woman added. "Ah the pure light that I put in a sleep. Do go on." Chaos wanted to find out more. "His friends will try to get him out of the sleep you cast on him. Try to separate them. Capture gag preteen gag lolita his angel and use the angel as bait if he does awaken. You will bargain with him for his light for the safety of the angel. If he gives you his light then you must kill the angel." Arikana advised Chaos. Chaos was most satisfied with what we was being told. He turned around this the high priest. "Send out a group of dark light to a location of an island I will give you, and get this angel for me. Be cautious, if any other's find what we are up to, then my plans are ashes." Chaos ordered and put his arms around Arkiana. Back in the dimension Dean started to get cold. "Pure light within me please glow with warmth to embrace me." Dean whispered as vapors of his breath materialized. "This will have to do for now, it's the only thing I can preteen lolita pics free think of. Wait I just remembered what Chaos told me. This dimension is what I created. If that lolita jailbait bbs imagebords is so then, let me try to change the scenery around here, and maybe add some clothes on me as well. But how do I do top quality lolita porn it?" Dean thought to himself nude russian young lolita as he looked around. "Use thy heart to create life. Then preteen lolita xxx pics use thy soul to nurture yourself, and thy mind to calm thyself down." A voice then recommended. "Who's there?" Dean asked. Suddenly a figure appeared, showing the shape of a male. When light appeared on him, it looked just like Dean. "You're..." Dean gasped. "Yes, I am part my no nude lolitas of you Dean. I'm the light that lives inside of you." This double finished. Dean's double was dressed in all white clothes. "If you are my light then can I..." Dean was cut off. The light double shook his head in disagreement, "I am weak for you to use your powers. Since Chaos cast a lolitas preteens top nude spell on you, I grew very weak. I must re-energize, but it's you that have to re-energize me. Your prominate powers haven't surfaced yet Dean. When they surface then I will be completely charged. But until then, you are stuck here." "But my friends, our world." Dean rebelled back. "I know this is grave news, but there is no way for you to get out of here. Yes it is your own dimension, but nude preteen lolita collection you have to fill this dimension with light to be free. Since it's nothing but darkness, Chaos has more power here. He can not lolita boy child nude harm you like he said. He will try to keep you in here so that you are no threat to him. He fears you more then anything in this world." little boy lolita pics Dean's light explained. lolita nymphets free pics "Matthew." Dean whispered softly. His light spirit when grew brighter. Dean looked up and felt the warmth coming from his spirit. "That is the only thing that is sustaining me, is your love for Matthew." This light spirit floated natural lolita nude videos towards him, and embraced him. Dean felt calmness flowing into him. The temperature began to rise. "I must return inside of you. If you ever need my help, just feel me within you." The light spirit drew closer to Dean and faded into Dean's body. Dean opened his eyes and saw that he was clothed with what his light double was wearing. Dean smiled, "Thank you very much." His light grew brighter, letting Dean know that he was lolita 15 y o welcomed. "I cherish every light that's in me. I'll never let go of that. Matthew hold on please. Don't give up on me ls magazine lolita models you hear me. I love you." Dean thought to himself. Matthew suddenly woke up, he looked at Dean seeing if he had broke the spell, and finding out Dean didn't. "Was what I heard real? Was it Dean trying to communicate with me?" Matthew's eye caught a dark object outside the window doors that lead out to the patio. He got up quickly ready for the object to move. He heard glass breaking coming from the livingroom area. "Myra, Crystal, Nathaniel someone is here, breaking into our cabin. It might be dark lights. Hurry quickly." Matthew sent out a message. "I can't go to far away from Dean. He can't defend himself, I'll have to do it. I did promise to protect him." Matthew thought, and heard footsteps coming to the bedroom. He saw the dark figure and produced his sword. With a quick thrust his lolita girls nude free sword went through the figure's flesh. His sword then glowed with light and the figure screamed and vanished. "As I guessed, dark lights, but how did they..." He cut himself short, as more dark lights attacked. "Holy ring of light I summon you help me!" lolitop sur canal j Matthew chanted and produced a ring of light that expanded and hit his attackers. Matthew heard struggles outside the cabin. "Good re-enforcement's are here." Matthew smiled and saw a figure over Dean with a sharp object. With his sword in his hand Matthew pointed the blade at the dark light. The sword glowed with light and sent a beam of light at the dark light's heart. "Matthew are you real lolita teenie vids okay?" Myra's voice asked. "I'm okay amateur cams lolita sex Myra. Just wanting to know how they found this island. No one knows about this island except young lolita nude sucking us angels and the pure lights that have been here." Matthew sent back. "I wanna know that one myself. If they are trying to kill you, they got another thing coming." Crystal's voice spoke. Right behind Matthew a dark object appeared. It was starting to swirl. Matthew lo bbs nude lolitas felt a dark power behind him and turned around. "What the hell is that?" Crystal and Myra saw free little lolitas pictures the swirling object. Just then a dark rope object shot out of it and wrapped itself around Matthew. Matthew tried to fight and loosen the object that was binding around him. The object started to pull him towards the swirling vortex object. "Matthew no!!" Myra yelled. Myra ran over to Matthew and put her arms cartoon loli porn pics around Matthew, Crystal soon joined her. Myra produced her wings and started to flap with her hearts content. They slowly moved away from the vortex. "Crystal try loli bbs tgp pics and cut whatever this thing is around Matthew off with a light beam." Myra yelled with the strained voiced. Crystal nodded, "Light of my soul aide at my hands!" Crystal sent her light beam at the object, but her beam just ricocheted off the black object. Two balls of electricity formed from the vortex and shot at the two women, sending them back and screaming in pain. The rope object pulled Matthew into the vortex and disappeared. "Matthew!!" Myra said in a horse voice. "Myra! Are you there?" Nathaniel's voice rang. "Nathaniel in the bedroom." Myra coughed, trying to breathe for air. Nathaniel quickly bolted in the room and saw Crystal and Myra on the floor. "Are you ladies okay? I fought some dark lights outside, hopefully top underage lolita sites everyone is okay." Nathaniel helped them off the floor. "We are okay, but they took Matthew." Crystal sat on the edge of the bed. "What? Oh no, that means that Chaos is free, and soon the world will know of the darkness that exists in his heart. We must prepare for the worst. But what do they want Matthew for?" He lil lolita nudist teen looked over at the still motionless Dean. Myra looked at Dean as well. "Poor Dean, some much has gone on, and he doesn't know what happened tonight. I really feel sorry for him." Myra's eyes started to water. "With his angel out of the way, that mean's he's on his own, or I must be his guardian free loli portal links until we can get Matthew back. With the conditions he's in I must become a guardian once more. We must move him to the sacred chambers, for now that's the only way he can be safe." Nathaniel explained. "The sacred chambers? Where and what is that place?" Crystal asked. "They are the chambers that are under the temple. We must move quickly." Nathaniel picked Dean up and put Dean on his back, "You're going to learn a quick lesson Crystal. You need to help me teleport him to the chambers. Close your eyes and let your body become one with the light. I will send you an image of the chambers, think of them and we will be transported there quickly." "Right. If it's for Dean and Matthew I'll do anything." Crystal smiled and put her hand on Nathaniel's shoulders. She did as she was instructed and they both teleported. Once at the chambers, Crystal was in awe. "It's so beautiful here." "It is, but we have no time for this, hurry follow me." Nathaniel started to go down the hallway. Nathaniel stopped at a door. On the lolita bbs sex pics side of the door was a slab of stone that had a place to put a hand in. Nathaniel put his hand in it and the stone glowed. The door soon opened and they went in. Light filled the room, showing what brooke nude girl loli was in it. There was a bed in the far off right hand corner, and Nathaniel put laid Dean down. "This is where you and I must guard him, if anything should happen. Let's pray that nothing does, and Dean snaps out from what curse Chaos put him in. I must leave you for now, but I need to do some research to see if I can break him out of whatever he is in." Nathaniel looked at Crystal and left the room. Crystal looked at Dean. "Oh Dean, if you only knew." Crystal laid by him and started to cry.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hey everyone, sorry about the delay on getting this posted. Hope preteen lolita pussy thumbnails you are enjoying it so far. This time I didn't want to leave this chapter with a cliff hanger. :) I have a group chat site up!! It's at This is where I'll keep you updated with my chapters and what not with it. I'd still like to hear what you think about the story. Thanks for your time, and peace!!!Bluwolfboi
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